contact 2025design:
mobil: +47 92250485


I have a great network of sustainability professionals, and collaborate with some of the finest people and experts of different topics, dependent on the project. Main partners are:

I am part of Mycelium, a Network of collaborating Outdoor Industry Experts
Joel Svedlund, Peak Innovation, Sweden
Benjamin Marias, AIR Agency, France
Anna Rodewald and Cira Riedel, Greenroom Voice,  Germany/Switzerland/France

Elisabeth vanDelden, Germany
Wool expert and communicator

Tore Gulden, Industrial Designer
We started 2025design in 2006. He has moved on to be a full time Professor of design at OsloMet, but we still do some projects together and have great laughs.  We have worked with a broad range of Norwegian Business on different sustainability topics, from Jordan, Orkla,  Baneservice, Midelfart, Norner, Grønt Punkt and others.