Life cycle design

Forward Thinking 2016 – Kjersti on stage

The power of design(ers) in sustainability

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Forward Thinking 2016

Design in Sport & Outdoor – Videos available

2025design is part of the annual conference Forward Thinking where Design and sustainability is in focus. Targeted at the sport- and outdoor industry, relevant for all who want to be inspired on how design can help achieve a better sustainability performance. Be inspired by Houdini Sportswear / Patagonia / VAUDE / Alan AtKisson / Norrøna / Fimbulvetr / EVI Ski / 2025 Design / Anne Prahl / Æra Strategic Innovation


Circular Economy & Design for lifecycles

How to get started

Circular economy does not happen over night, and it is about everything else than waste management. What does it take to get started with circular thinking of business models and products? It is just a matter of combining long term goals with step-by-step work on improvements and change. Add good intentions and a purpose, great people and lots of joy, and you will be able to adapt to circular  business models and create good products in a way that serves both your business, the people and the planet.

In the 90`s I used design and product development as driver of sustainability at HÅG asa, introducing circular thinking, cradle-to-cradle design and closing material loops way before this was a topic. No we help industry and businesses getting started with circular models, demystifying the concept of circular economy and sustainability.

The importance of Lifetime

Stimulate sustainable behaviour

When planning a product you must see beyond the material choice. Materials
have different impacts and you may think you are doing great when choosing
biodegradable viscose from sustainable source. Fact is you must count the
expected lifetime as well. Disposable viscose cloths add up to a huge
environmental footprint over a year with its total amount of fiber used. A
reusable cotton cloth has higher fiber production impact but win in the long
run by being washed and reused over the year. The fear of smelly non-hygenic
cloth can be avoided by design and smart creations.

Qualitative and quantitative features of wool

Any Life Cycle Assessment gives you only the negative environmental impacts. They do not tell the whole story of the complete lifecycle nor do they include positive aspects related to the material and the product`s lifetime. We must always look at the complete pictures.

Design tools

An overview of tools for design, planning of products and material choice, and what part of the lifecycle they cover. Most tools cover only a fragment, risking making choices without seeing the whole picture