Sirk-Ull: reuse and recycling options

for wool waste in Norwegian industry

Post industrial waste from wool manufacturing is today related to high costs for waste management. This study is looking at potentials for how to reuse or recycle waste and leftovers from 8 wool manufacturing companies in Norway. The project moves on in 2020 with the goal to find practical and economical circular solutions.

Visiting the 4 legged suppliers of Devold

IWTO Roundtable 2019 in New Zealand

Annual Roundtable in Queenstown, NZ. We learned a lot about national sheepfarming, and that only 5% of the wool in NZ is merino, the rest is coarser wool fit for swaeters, knitting, carpets and beds. We heard from Mons Royale about their product philosophy in sports wear and learned about the product innovation of merino wool plasters that will leave no trace of microplastics if left behind on the walking trails after healing a blister. We visited some sheep who deliver their fine merino wool to Devold As. Good to know where my base layer comes from ! 

Panel debate on upcycling of textiles

On behalf of Woolmark at Premier Vision Paris

On the 17th of september Kjersti was invited to take part in a panel debate on Upcycling and re-design of garments and textiles. Hosted by Vogue, the panel included Ellen McArthur Foundation, Evrnu, Avery Denison and London Tomorrow  in addition to Woolmark. A big audience showed up, following the discussions on not only upcycling but also on consumption and lifetime of products. A short statement to PV after the debate;

Wool Circularity and how to communicate it

A study for Woolmark in collaboration with EVD

How circular is wool and how can we best communicate it? Sheep are part of the natural biogenic cycle and sequester carbon. Wool contains around 50% Carbon. It is easily recyclable and biodegradable, and has low impact during use phase. We delivered a strategic plan for Woolmark, Australia, on how to communicate and utilize wool`s circular attributes. A great collaboration with Wool Communicator Elisabeth van Delden in Germany

SAC meeting Vancouver with IWTO

Teaming up with good friends and colleagues

The annual SAC Member meeting was held in Vancouver. I was attending on behalf of the IWTO, like I have been for the past 5 years. Participating this year mostly in the discussions and workshops on Transparency.
This years event included Planet Textiles as well with many interesting discussions and learnings on Microplastic research and New Material developments.

Greater Than A launch party February 2018

SS18 launched at The DesignCenter Oslo

Greater Than A celebrated its launch February 2018 in Oslo with showing SS18 collections.

2025design has worked close with the brand to create and fill the sustainability strategy with content. Focus is on designing for long lifetime, create functional products, and choosing mono materials, preferably  natural fibres, View and shop the collection at www.greaterthana.no


>A – Greater than A

Collabration with Aksel Lund Svindal`s brand

Fokus på bærekraft
– Navnet Greater  than A spiller først og fremst på merkevarens filosofi rundt bærekraft: At ingen ting er større enn naturen. Og at alt vi produserer, kjøper og bruker, har en påvirkning på kloden vi bor på. Naturen er noe mer avansert enn noe mennesket har klart å skape. Vi vil fokusere på de fantastiske, naturlige råvarene som finnes. Og bevise at det kan skapes moteriktige, flotte kvalitetsprodukter uten å skade naturen. I tekstilbransjen skjer det i dag store endringer som gjør det mulig å gjøre en forskjell i en større sammenheng. Folk kjøper mer varige og holdbare plagg som kan resirkuleres og er opptatt av hvordan klærne blir fremstilt. «Greater than» skal ligge som en drivkraft for det vi gjør hele veien: Å utfordre konvensjonelle ideer på hva som er mulig, konstaterer Aksel og hans medspillere. Kjersti Kviseth i 2025 Design for lifecycles, er med på laget som medspiller og rådgiver.

Foto; Kristoffer Myhre

SAC meeting & Fashion Summit

Inspiring week in Copenhagen

A compact week of sustainability in fashion and sport was held in sunny Copenhagen in May. The SAC meeting presented some final versions of the product tool to be launched after summer, a roadmap for Higg Transparency alongside inspiring updates and presentation on Higg implementation and strategy developments.
The Fashion Summit called for more action now, and Livia Firth adressed the elephant in the room by stating «Nothing will ever change while fast fashion and its current business model stays as it is». The Young Fashion Summit with students from many countries, worked on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to create a powerful demand to the fashion industry to take responsibility and fulfill the goals.

IWTO Congress Sydney

We love wool!

The 85th wool congress took place in Sydney, gathering wool lovers, industry and growers from around the world. 2025design gave a presentation on Wool in LCA and End Of Life, as part of the Sustainable Practice Working Group session.

Forward Thinking 2015

A great day!

More than 250 people from design, apparel and textile industry gathered in the Jakobs Church in Oslo to be inspired on how to implement sustainability successfully in daily business. 2025design was co-hosting this event and gave an introduction to labels and tools, together with NICE fashion.
Main attractions on this day were the great guest speakers; Alan Atkisson introduced the big picture of the planet by singing a lot of the message. Vincent Stanley from Patagonia talked about Beyond Sustainability – their New way to think about a regenerative business. Paul Dillinger, Head of Design and Innovation at Levis explained how their first Well Thread Design project failed by making it a niche collection, and how now these design principles of quality, environment, transparency and social aspects are included into mainstream Levis jeans. Nellie Cohen from Patagonia introduced their Worn Wear program of repair and reuse to highlight how product lifetime is essential to sustainability, and how much the affection to products counts. Also the Norwegian Wool project from Scandinavian Business Seating was presented, and SDG introduced their Trippel project.

View videos of all presentations here

Textile Exchange Conference Mumbai

October 2015

Kjersti was invited to speak on “Animal Welfare in Sustainability” at the annual conference.  Addressing the fact that sustainability today is seen as a human activity to ensure our needs and business values, not to sustain life on the planet as such. Referring to Arne Næss` Deep ecology and philosophies that state that all life on earth has an inherent value. Hence there is no sustainability without good animal welfare. And no good animal welfare without human welfare. Everything is linked together and based upon love for all that is. Animal welfare is deeply connected to Human welfare, land management and predator strategies.

Kjersti is also on the advisory group for T.E.s work on Responisble Wool Standard (RWS)

Forward thinking

Sustainability on the bottom line

2025design has been heavily involved in shaping the seminar at DOGA 17th of November, both in designing the program and as speaker. It is going to be a great day of inspirations on sustainability in textiles, apparel and outdoor!

For more information:  Framtanker: Bærekraft på bunnlinjen

Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)

Full membership meeting Osaka 2015

Kjersti has been representing IWTO (International Wool Textiles Organisation) in SAC since 2013. This time the meeting was in Osaka with 250 delegates from 133 global brands represented. Some great conversations and meetings took place.
A pilot tool version was launched of the Design and Development Module, where Kjersti has been actively involved in the working group for more than a year. What started out with high ambitions to become a designer`s tool covering the complete lifecycle, has become a simplified tool for design and development choices from Cradle-to-gate, giving material choice 90% of the impact. Looking  forward to pilot testing!
The Facilities Environmental Module is the most advanced with a verification pilot already starting and 2000 facilities have so far implemented this Higg Index module. A Social and Labor Convergence Project together with actors from civil society was also launched.

The Coalition’s main focus is on building the Higg Index, a standardized supply chain suite of measurement tools for all industry participants to understand the environmental and social and labor impacts of making and selling their products and services. By joining forces in a Coalition, we can address the urgent, systemic challenges that are impossible to change alone. A common language is also the first step to efficient transparency.

The Sustainable Apparel coalition was born from a dynamic and unconventional meeting of the minds. In 2009 Walmart, America`s biggest retailer and Patagonia, one of the world`s most progressive brands, came together with a radical mission: Collect peers and competitors from across the apparel, footwear and textile sector and together, develop a universal approach to measuring sustainability performance.