Greater Than A collections

I have been part of the >A team since 2017, co-creating sustainability strategies and circular design principles. In 2018 I did my share in product development especially on finding and testing Tencel thread for sewing wool garments. This is one step in deirection of biodegradable wool garments. In the thinking of separating technical materials from biodegradable materials this is a necessary step in order to improve recycling and reuse. The traditional polyester thread would never break down. This is a challenge in terms of thread strength for wear and tear, and also in terms of costs and availablilty. We worked with Müller Nähgarn in Switzerland who deliver Cradle to Cradle certified Tencel thread that come closest to the expected technical performance. By doing som changes in design details, we made seams that last and work.
I have also worked a lot on finding other new material  solutions like the IndieDye process of plant based dyestuff dyed with ultrasonic technology in China, a very exciting development fro circular products.

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