Forward Thinking 2015

More than 250 people from design, apparel and textile industry gathered in the Jakobs Church in Oslo to be inspired on how to implement sustainability successfully in daily business. 2025design was co-hosting this event and gave an introduction to labels and tools, together with NICE fashion.
Main attractions on this day were the great guest speakers; Alan Atkisson introduced the big picture of the planet by singing a lot of the message. Vincent Stanley from Patagonia talked about Beyond Sustainability – their New way to think about a regenerative business. Paul Dillinger, Head of Design and Innovation at Levis explained how their first Well Thread Design project failed by making it a niche collection, and how now these design principles of quality, environment, transparency and social aspects are included into mainstream Levis jeans. Nellie Cohen from Patagonia introduced their Worn Wear program of repair and reuse to highlight how product lifetime is essential to sustainability, and how much the affection to products counts. Also the Norwegian Wool project from Scandinavian Business Seating was presented, and SDG introduced their Trippel project.

View videos of all presentations here

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